brokedown palace

Sun Jun 9 08:40:50 PDT 2002

On Sunday, June 9, 2002, at 01:17 AM, Lisa Grant Coffin wrote:

> Hello All
> I just finished my re-read of Brokedown Palace.
> As is usual, I realized I missed a few things the last time I read it.
> Brigitta, who, according to one of the Dragaera FAQ's online, is 
> Cawti's mother,
> was fathered by *something* other than an easterner. She said her father
> used to change shape to irritate her mother. Demon? God? How might this
> affect Cawti?
Hmmm..how do I say this? It doesn't matter. For the foreseeable future, 
she isn't going to be a part of the series in any significant way. But 
if I had to place my bets, I'd say he was neither a demon or a god. The 
East is full of things that haven't been written about. Her father could 
have been some unknown Eastern thing.

In the Vlad books, Cawti didn't exhibit any out of the normal traits so 
I would think she wasn't affected by any traits of her father's.
> Also....having finally secured 'Phoenix' after several years of keeping 
> my eyes peeled;
> more questions came to light regarding the gods and magic. For 
> instance, in Brokedown
> Palace, Sandor had no sorcery once Verra was "killed" (expelled?) and 
> thus sunk into the River.
> In Phoenix, where there was no Orb; or sorcery, Verra could not reach 
> Vlad. There also
> seemed to be limited psionic ability as well; and witchcraft wasn't 
> working. Note this
> never affected Loiosh and Vlad's psionic communication. Comments? 
> Analysis?
I think Loioish's psionic communication was the result of adeep 
witchcraft bond that didn't need active magic to maintain.
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