Question about "Replying"

Thu Jun 13 10:30:07 PDT 2002

Starshadw at aol.com wrote:
 > In a message dated Thu, 13 Jun 2002 12:34:15 PM Eastern Daylight
 > Time, dd-b at dd-b.net writes:
 >> I hit "Followup" and then edit out the individual addresses,
 >> myself.
 > That's what I've been doing, but quite a few people forget to do
 > this, and so I'm getting at least 60-75% of the messages twice. :)

It's possible to set the Reply-To: address yourself. I have no idea how 
AOL handles this, but I assume you can create several 'profiles' or 
'identities' or whatever, and set individual options for these. If so, 
create one for the list and give that a default Reply-To: address.

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