Finding out above Steve's books....

Thu Jun 13 16:50:57 PDT 2002

tyan at twcny.rr.com (Thomas Yan) writes:

I'm curious.  How did you discover Steve's books, and how did you
learn of this mailing list?


I was working part time in a used bookstore and was browsing the fantasy 
section when I came across Taltos. I started reading it and was hooked. 
I soon discovered there were other books in the series, so I put it 
aside and started again with a used copy of Jhereg and loved it. I've 
been addicted every since.

I regularly haunt Steven's web site. I like reading his web log and I 
like to read his comments about his books when I am in a writing funk. 
It gives me a pick up. It was there I saw the link to Dragaera.info and 
the rest, as they, is history.