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> And I'm ticked off, because I didn't know about the short 
> stories (with the sole exception of DoP) and have no idea 
> where to go and find them!  ARGH!!  

That's because "Steven Brust, as he'll happily tell you,
does not write short stories." [from Gaiman's intro to V&E].

> Point me in the right direction!

>> An Act of Contrition
>> An Act of Love (with Gregory Frost and Megan Lindholm)
>> An Act of Mercy (with Megan Lindholm)
>> An Act of Trust
>> A Hot Night at Cheeky's

The Liavek stories, found in the five volumes editted by 
Shetterly and Bull.  Should be read in order.

>> Attention Shoppers

_Xanadu_ ed. Yolen

>> Calling Pittsburg

_Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny_

>> Drift

_Space Opera_ ed McCaffrey and Scarborough (not to be 
confused with the other 6 books with that title).

>> Valosag and Elet

_Book of Dreams_ ed. Gaiman and someone else

>> When the Bough Breaks

_The Essential Bordertown_ ed. umm Windling?

A good place to get info like this is ISFDB ( www.isfdb.org )
I also use Bookfinder ( www.bookfinder.com ) a lot to get
bibliographic info since it covers far more titles, and
not just SF.