Now here's an idea for this group.....

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Mon Jun 17 18:03:08 PDT 2002

"Jeff Harrison" <harrisonjeff at attbi.com> writes:

> Due to some concerns re: e-mail volume, etc...we *could* consider using
> Yahoo Groups.  They are free, and you can either choose to get emails, or
> just sign into the club when you wish, and catch up on the messages...there
> is even a chat section, specific to each group.  Also, there wouldn't be any
> list maintenance for our administrator, and files could be shared....what do
> you think?  Any interest?

No.  This group is specifically associated with the Dragaera web site
at http://dragaera.info/ , and there are a lot of benefits for keeping
full control over the list ourselves. 

And there's a web archive here, as well, where you can read the
messages in chronological order, by thread, by author, whatever.  You
can also get them in digest mode (Yahoo offers that also).  

And Yahoo groups performance is really slow, and they're intrusive,
you have to sign up for a yahoo id, and there's advertising and spam,
and generally it's no fun.
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