Wed Jun 19 12:16:47 PDT 2002

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 02:18 PM, Sander wrote:

> Steven Brust wrote:
>> At 09:30 PM 6/18/2002 -0400, Chris Turkel wrote:
>>> You have a dog?
>> Nope.  No dog here.  No dogs anywhere nearby.  That brown thing 
>> looking brainless on my couch is, um, a lump of fabric.  Yeah, yeah, 
>> that's it.
> Oh yeah, I wondered about that - does John Henry Holliday truly 
> tolerate Miska? (Yes, I had to dig up my copy of Dragon to remember 
> those names.) We have a parrot (named Falko) very much like him 
> (yellow-headed Amazon, but with a gray beak, so I have no idea what 
> kind of parrot it _really_ is) but he quickly scares away any dog or 
> cat foolish enough to venture near him. (He's great with little 
> children though. The only reason I still have all my fingers.) :)
> May you always find shade and water,
> Sander
I have a pair of a cockateels that my wife had before we were married, 
one gray, one yellow. The gray one (named Beula Bird) lays eggs still 
and the yellow one, Pagan, makes cat calls.
Chris Turkel
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