Siblings [Dragaeran Gender Equality??]

Sun Jun 23 16:23:21 PDT 2002

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> > Tangent: What siblings have we seen, period?  Savn has a
> > sister in _Athyra_, but no other examples, Easterner or 
> > Dragaeran, leaps immediately to my mind.

> I think Adron had a sister.  And Kieron, Dolivar, and 
> whoever Aliera was were siblings.  And Verra supposedly
> has two sisters (Night and Pain I think).
> Miklos has three brothers, and some of the folktales in BP
> mention siblings (I remember the strong prince/smart prince 
> one), and Brigitta may have had siblings.  For some reason

Oh, yeah!

> I suspect Noish-pa or Vlad's father had siblings.  And 

Me, too.

> someone may want to check _Teckla_ to see if Paresh(?) 
> mentions siblings.

Good call on Paresh.

** pp336-344. ch2. (337) "...black tallow from lft..."

p340: "I had an older sister and two younger brothers"

> Pretty much everyone we meet is an adult on their own, so
> we never get much chance to learn about thier families.

I think it would be natural for there to be large families on a farm,
to help out with all the work [1].  Elsewhere, there may be siblings, but
separated by so many years that the older children have already moved

[1] Tangent: Have you read _The Dubious Hills_ by Pamela Dean?  Kids
    are born with magic, but lose it when they grow older, which makes
    it convenient to have another baby on the way.

- tky