OT: Subjectivity vs. Objectivity (was: bois...)

David Rodemaker dar at horusinc.com
Mon Aug 19 17:03:48 PDT 2002

> But out of curiosity, can a friendship be a relationship,
> or do I have a relationship with a friend?  What about
> long-term dating with or without sexual entanglement?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

> As a person who defines myself as polyamorous, I'm
> always hard-pressed to "define" my relationships with
> others.  Are we boyfriend/girlfriend?  Lovers?  Dating?
> Casual "friends with fun-stuff on the side"?  

I think that the term you are looking for is 'umfriend'

As in:

'So who is this?'

'X? Oh, X is my um... friend.'