The Plot is Discussed *spoilers for PotD*

Fri Jan 3 15:41:02 PST 2003

*** Spoiler Space -- PotD ****

SKZB writes, of the Zivra/Piro timing confusion:

>Uh...did I put something in the book implying or stating that it was Zivra 
>who requested that Piro be sent for?  If so, that was *major* screw-up, and 
>I just can't figure out how I did that.  I can't remember ever, during the 
>writing, thinking that was going on, and if I messed that one up, I'm awful 
>curious about how I did it, and how I can fix it in future editions.

Well, though it wasn't a particularly *strong* implication, it's definitely
present.  At least, I (and several others on this list) seem to have made
the inference initially.  I'm away from books just at the moment, but I
recall the relevant passage being just after "Zerika" finally appears.
As I recall, Kyttran says something to Piro along the lines of "Ah, since
you know her, that explains why she sent for you" (with the "she" being 
ambiguous between Zerika and Sethra).  In fact, Kyttran may even believe 
that Zerika sent for Piro, as he doesn't seem to have known when she 
arrived.  It's a minor point, and probably doesn't require a fix.

(Though I'd love to see a patch to future editions of Orca to fix the
"Stony's death" problem...)


P.S. Hallo the list!  I finally managed to get myself subscribed :-)

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