Paths of the Dead prelude, notes.

Tue Jan 21 13:48:54 PST 2003

>Emma was born and grew up in Torrance, CA.  I am not sure if there is
>any way to derive Leatherleaf from Torrance (which appears to be a
>person's name).

Looking at this from a plant perspective, Leatherleaf is a type of fern. In 
highschool I took botany and flower arranging and we would use Leatherleaf 
"Leather" fern as filler in arrangements. I think it is the common type of 
fern filler.

My boss grew up and went to school in Torrance and he said "leatherleaf" 
does not mean anything to him, but then, he's forgetful so that doesn't 
really mean anything.

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