slightly OT MNDungeon related

Wed Jan 22 08:21:22 PST 2003

Corwin Brust wrote:
> Gametech wrote:
>  >Steve ran his own dungeon of which I never had the pleasure of playing
> in while it was still his. Corwin got it (to my knowledge) after he was
> done running it, he modified it and wrote his own.
>  >
> Actauly, IIRC, Dad finished his first Dungeon round about '84, that
> being about the time Martin Schafer stopped running his.  I had my first
> attempt, which was horrably broken, and which I still remember fondly,
> finished less than a year later.  The point being that Completing dad's
> first dungeon (or -at any rate- his first that I played in) didn't so
> much inspire me to create my game, as it did give me unpresidented
> access to his tables, charts, etc., thus extending my knowelege of the
> system and causing Frank and I to to put toghter our game, which IIRC
> was the first example of MD that you played.

So, I'm curious.  Are either you or your father still gaming?  If so,
what do either of you think of D&D third edition?  It strikes me as more
suitable to the Dragaeran world.  Has anyone written up a set of D20