Concerning Errata

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Tue Feb 4 18:10:33 PST 2003

When an author is quite up-front about deliberatly putting in
mistakes, errors and continuity glitches, one must wonder, when one
finds such things, whether they are in fact deliberate or instead
*genuine*, *unintended* mistakes.  In the list below, I note the ones
that actually "feel" fake.  I may, of course, be worng. 

Our esteemed good Dr. Whom uncovered many of these errors, which
posting may be found in the archives.


  These are those that he did not mention for whatever reason. 
It is my hope, though, that our esteemed author will deign to
comment one way or the other on them.  Are there any that I
missed that others have caught?

   pg. 35, and everwhere else it appears: "Sötétcsilleg"
   ("Dark Star"). All of my researches indicate that "star",
   in Hungarian, is properly spelled "csillag", not "csilleg".
   Note that this also occurs in "Issola", both hardback and
   paperback editions.


   pg 288: The text refers to *Lar's* opponent, yet the page
   previous stated quite clearly that Lar struck no blow.  I
   think this is one of the deliberatly introduced errors; it
   is blatantly obvious that it should read "Mica's opponent".

   pg 360:  Röaana is now alone, yet the text calls her "Ibronka".
   A similar error to the above, which again feels deliberate.