Concerning Errata

Tue Feb 4 20:30:21 PST 2003

At 06:10 PM 2/4/2003 -0800, David Silberstein wrote:
>    pg. 35, and everwhere else it appears: "Sötétcsilleg"
>    ("Dark Star"). All of my researches indicate that "star",
>    in Hungarian, is properly spelled "csillag", not "csilleg".
>    Note that this also occurs in "Issola", both hardback and
>    paperback editions.

I might have screwed that up, but I was shooting for a straight translation 
of dark star.  I'm too lazy to go look it up now.

>    pg 288: The text refers to *Lar's* opponent, yet the page
>    previous stated quite clearly that Lar struck no blow.  I
>    think this is one of the deliberatly introduced errors; it
>    is blatantly obvious that it should read "Mica's opponent".

Nope.  This one's a mistake.

>    pg 360:  Röaana is now alone, yet the text calls her "Ibronka".
>    A similar error to the above, which again feels deliberate.

Boo boo