Loiosh "talking" to others (was Re: An amusing notion...)

Wed Feb 19 20:12:32 PST 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 rone at ennui.org wrote:

> Mark A Mandel writes:
>   There's a passage where Vlad, Morrolan, & Aliera are sitting around in
>   Castle Black and, approximately, Morrolan says something about "that
>   thing", referring to Loiosh, then cocks his head as if listening and
>   says to L., "You, that's who I'm calling a thing."
> That one struck me more as a non-psychic communication.
>   More distantly, does he communicate with Noish-pa's familiar Ambrus (a
>   cat)?
> They don't seem to like each other; it seems unlikely.

I'd think being able to communicate makes it more likely they dislike each

I think L summons help from Kragar when V is grabbed in _Teckla_.