drink (was Re: Klava Recipies)

Frank Mayhar frank at exit.com
Thu Mar 20 12:22:03 PST 2003

Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:
> > Honestly, I can't remember if brandy should be chilled or not.  It's
> > been so long.....
> I have no idea.  But I think it would be a good
> substitute for Sherry in a Sherry cake....:)

Um.  Unchilled.  Unchilled!  Warm, even.  Cognac as well.  Unless it's
_bad_ brandy, then chill it so much that you can no longer taste it, kind
of like vodka. ;-)

> > All I drink any more is port (unchilled) and cider (chilled).
> I'm not a big drinker myself (though *someone* got me drinking
> Whiskey, da bastad!).  I like port though (had my first hangover
> after drinking it the first time.  Ugh), and Guinness is good if
> I don't have the time or money to eat.  And there are a few others
> I'll drink, but I know less about alcohol than I do about, uh, something
> I don't know much about. <grin>

Any fermented beverage with lots of sugars can give you a bad hangover, and
can even give you a hangover after just drinking a _little_.  My nemesis
is Poulaner Salvatore, a doppelbock.  (That's a particularly dark and strong
lager for you uninitiated heathen. :-)  It's very full-bodied and quite sweet,
absolutely delicious, and _man_ does the stuff give me a hangover.  Just one
bottle leaves me wishing I didn't like the stuff so much.

Of course, these days I'm such a lightweight that a single glass of light-
colored fermented grape juice can give me a hangover.  Sigh.

(So, are beer and wine suitable topics, or should we stick strictly to
sycophanting?  Yes, this is snarky, and no, I won't apologize.)
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