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Frank Mayhar frank at exit.com
Fri Mar 21 20:54:59 PST 2003

I've never had a Maudite; it may be one of those that is unique to the
province.  Canada seems to have a lot of that.  If I see it, though, I'll
try it.  Do you happen to know what style it was?

Back when I was younger, unmarried and had no life :-) I was a homebrewer,
so I managed to gather quite a bit of knowledge about beer.  My personal
favorites are the various Chimays (Trappist ales) and lambics (spontaneously
fermented sour beverage, not an ale exactly) from Belgium.  I'm also very
fond of the American Pale Ales like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  IPAs tend to
leave me cold; they are just too strong for not enough flavor.

Then there are the stouts (and one of these days I _will_ get to Ireland
to try Guiness), porters, barleywines (talk about a hangover, ouch!) and
the occasional lager.  The only pilsner I like is Urquell, although I
haven't had it since Czechoslavakia split.  In my refrigerator now are
the remains of a six-pack of Gordon Biersch Marzen (one fewer just now,
in fact).

I also enjoy the occasional Port, but in general wine is just too subtle
for my palate.  And I was immunized to the whiskeys and scotches at an
early age, when my parents would give me hot toddies when I was sick.
These things were made with lemon juice, honey and Old Crow.  (My Dad
wouldn't have known a decent whiskey if you drowned him in it, which
would have been a good thing, sigh.)  The smell of whiskey _still_
bothers me, some forty years later.

My real vice, though, is tequila.  Even after multiple too-horrific-to-
describe, multiple-day hangovers, I _still_ like the stuff.  Of course,
those hangovers were when I was young enough to _survive_ them. :-)
While bad tequila can be either a drink or a mechanic's solvent, good
tequila is truly amazing.  Mmmmm.  Too bad it's so incredibly expensive.

And, yes, this is all off-topic.  So sue me.  At least I'm not venting
my spleen about the unpleasantness currently taking place, or advocating
impeachment of certain highly-placed individuals in the US government.

Although I _could_ if you really wanted me to...
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