[OT} Mark's even cooler than I thought he was!

Mon May 19 01:00:21 PDT 2003

And I thought that he was pretty darn cool.

See, I'm connected to Mark via five degrees of separation!  (... 
Oh, all right; you can do it with one, too.  "We are both fans of 
Steve Brust and his writingses.")

1)  My uncle Steve once tended bar at a country club in Hawai'i.
2)  He poured (several very large) shots of whiskey for then-Veep 
Spiro T. Agnew during a golf tournament at said country club.  
(After the fourth shot, Uncle Steve says, Agnew hit a ball directly 
into the crowd, mildly bruising someone.  Woo.)
3)  Ted Agnew was half of the Conservative Bill & Ted, the other 
half of which was Bill "William" Safire, esquire.
4)  William Safire writes a column hight "On Language" for the _New 
York Times_.
5.  Dr. Mark A. Mandel is cited in Safire's book _Let A Simile Be 
Your Umbrella_, page 89 hardback edition.  He wrote a letter 
informing dear Mr. Safire of another use of the term "show-


assuming she has the _correct_ Dr. Mark A. Mandel