Assassinations at Valabar's

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Fri May 23 10:42:39 PDT 2003

At 02:03 PM 5/22/2003 -0700, Philip Hart wrote:
>I was counting on 17 Vlad novels, but
>even if Vlad dies or becomes a god after #10, there's always the past to
>mine (a demon takes over Blackwand, the fight for the Necromancer's
>soul, ...)

Actually, if you want to hope for the best, it would be 19 Vlad 
novels.  Mr. Brust has said if he lasts long enough and doesn't get tired 
of them, the plan is to write one for each house, plus [the already 
published] "Taltos" and a final book called "The Last Contract."

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