We need an RPG

Mon Jun 30 21:53:08 PDT 2003

CRPG's are pretty costly, and the video game market has 'gone hollywood',
where development of stuff that isn't going to make HUGE amounts of money
isn't worth the development cost.

However, It might be doable with the Neverwinter Nights toolset. I enjoy the
game quite a bit, but I'm not very familiar with the tools that come with
the game. Short version is that you can make your own maps and stories and
then get them sent to other players on the internet. The game is even
multiplayer, although not massively.

There are limitations on what the game company will allow since they don't
want to be involved with any intellectual property battles, so that would
have to be tackled first... but if you want one done, that is the easiest
way to a quality Dragaera CRPG.

-Greg Schwartz

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> re-Reading all of the Taltos books (because I can't afford new books right
> now) has made me realize something.
> Mr. Brust, if you were to, say, get in touch with http://www.bioware.com
> work with them to make a video game based on the Taltos universe, I would
> pre-order it RIGHT NOW.
> I... just wanted to say that.
> Kisc