Mon Oct 17 05:12:32 PDT 2005

>  From: Louis Eastman <almagaiz at gmail.com>
>  I wonder if Dolivar was Sethra's lover? Random speculation ahoy.

There is a paragraph in Chapter 2 of Issola that might elude to that, 
depending on how one looks at it.

"Consider those you know of who were once your family, and those who 
mattered to you in a time too faded in the mist for you to imagine, much 
less remember. Kieron is now, and remains in the Paths of the Dead awaiting 
his moment. I, who had some importance in the tribe, am here, watching the 
Great Weapons, observing the Jenoine, listening to the gods, and trying to 
see that nothing upsets the balance."

It also seems that Sethra might have been in the Tribe of the Dragon, even 
though in Taltos Morrolan says Sethra went over Deathgate as a Dzur. *shrug*