Matthew Walsh walshm at ipfw.edu
Mon Oct 17 13:35:13 PDT 2005

On Oct 17, 2005, at 7:12 AM, Steven Hall wrote:
> "Consider those you know of who were once your family, and those who 
> mattered to you in a time too faded in the mist for you to imagine, 
> much less remember. Kieron is now, and remains in the Paths of the 
> Dead awaiting his moment. I, who had some importance in the tribe, am 
> here, watching the Great Weapons, observing the Jenoine, listening to 
> the gods, and trying to see that nothing upsets the balance."
> It also seems that Sethra might have been in the Tribe of the Dragon, 
> even though in Taltos Morrolan says Sethra went over Deathgate as a 
> Dzur. *shrug*

Well, we do know that  it's possible to join the House of the Dzur by 
defeating 17 heroes in single combat, right?  So maybe Sethra's 
genetically a Dragon but chose Dzur-dom.  (Hm.  Is "dual citizenship" 
-- membership in multiple Houses -- possible?  Mellar specifically 
renounced his membership in the Dzur when he returned to the Jhereg, 
IIRC, and the Jhereg are sort of a special case in any event.  Vlad's 
reaction in Taltos -- "I thought she was a Dragon" -- suggests 
otherwise, but this could be one of those things that people don't talk 
about... at least, not to Vlad.)

If there is no dual citizenship, why might Sethra have left the 
Dragons?  The Lavodes' meeting in Chapter 30, FHYA might offer a clue 
to that; one of them (Roila?) mentioned that many of the corps chose to 
join the Lavodes as a way to avoid (or escape from) conflicts between 
duty and loyalty/friendship, right?  Possibly that's a tradition that 
started with their Captain, who left her very House as the only escape 
from an unwelcome conflict...?

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