Allam, and Communism

Wed Oct 19 15:35:13 PDT 2005

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Scott Schultz wrote:

> > [PAH] Who knows, beside SKZB, if Him?
> Well, we do have at least one example - Whatsisname [...]

> [...] If it's soul-bonded then there's not much anyone can do to
> interfere with it short of annihilating the sword-bearer, anyway.

I'm guessing Sethra wouldn't have qualms about liberating a GW.
Though it's hard to imagine someone soul-bonded to a Morganti
blade not knowing that.  Anyway, surely a worthy replacement
(Khaavren? Piro? Kragar?) could be found if Whatsisname is a doofus.