Tem vs. Tem

Sun Dec 4 18:49:05 PST 2005

I just recently noticed (while working on the Wikicity) that there are 
apparently two characters in the Dragaera books named "Tem".

One is a Teckla servant of Pel in /Paths of the Dead/. The other is the 
Teckla villager living in Smallcliff during the events of /Athyra/.

Since both these characters are Teckla, the obvious quesiton is; are 
these, in fact, the same person?

Since Pel's servant's age is given at 500-550 years, it's quite likely 
he's still alive 250 or so years later (the time of Athyra).

Of course, a name as simple as "Tem" is likely to be fairly common, so 
it could be just a coincidence. Still, there are relatively few cases of 
identical names in Dragaera (notable exceptions include "Ibronka" (known 
to be at least 3 different characters) and "Ori" (which denotes both a 
Dragon and yet another Teckla resident of Smallcliff)).

Anyone care to lay odds on this one?