How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Mon Nov 14 09:46:10 PST 2005

> >**A Lack of evidence to the contrary does not
> >**positive evidence make. I
> >**forget which logical fallacy this is, exactly,
> >**but it has a fancy Latin
> >**name.
> >**
> >argumentum ad ignorantiam  (?)

Well, yes, I shan't deny the validity of that. I was trying to avoid being
simply contrary and asking "Where is the textex that Zerika I was a Reborn
Phoenix?" There isn't any, making the question moot because it leaves the
discussion in the exact state it was in previously.

If you want to get logical about it and you won't accept the premises that
"the Houses were born at the founding of the Empire" and that "a House
cannot have been reborn if it has not died" then the best that you can
conclude about Zerika I is "insufficient data".

Something to keep in mind though - The end of the Great Cycle and the
appearance of the Reborn Phoenix was not an event related to the death and
rebirth of House Phoenix. It was an event related to the death and rebirth
of The Empire. Given that, I can't see how Zerika I could possibly be a
Reborn Phoenix. She was simply First.