Unreliable Narrators *Involves Discussion of BP*

Wed Dec 21 15:13:03 PST 2005

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>More to the point, *every* *single* major character that SKZB has
>portrayed in the Dragaera stories has been shown to be unreliable for
>one reason or another - outright and blatant lying; poor memory; lack
While this is certainly true of the stories narrated by Vlad and Paarfi, 
I find it's less true for "Brokedown Palace".

Miklos certainly seems to be pretty reliable, anyway. (The character 
telling the interludes is certainly more suspect, but he's telling 
obviously "tall tales", so it doesn't really count.)

But then, BP is an enigma in the Dragaeraverse in many ways.

>of comprehension of some complicated situation; having a personal
>interest that they don't wish to disclose (or other hidden
>motivation); not being in the mood to discuss something in full
>detail; assuming a fact from erroneous observations; assuming that
>someone already knows the facts; generalizing from one example; or
>just making a mistake of major or minor proportions.  And various
>combinations of those reasons, and probably other reasons as well,
>which I left off because I couldn't think of them right now.
>Thus, there's always room for speculation.  Therefore, some of us speculate.
Damn straight. Who needs a real life, anyway? ;-)