How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Wed Dec 21 15:23:00 PST 2005

Shawn Burns wrote:

>Is Khaavren unreliable?
Here's some of the examples of how Khaavren might be considered unreliable:

* poor memory; forgetting about Garland (FHYA), and then Grita (VoA)
* lack of comprehension of some complicated situation; Falling for Illista's deceptions, et al.
* not being in the mood to discuss something in full detail; Not telling Pel about Piro's misison to Dzur mountain in PotD
* assuming a fact from erroneous observations; Getting all uppity about Zerika's apparent snub of Morrolan at the start of SL
* making a mistake of major or minor proportions; I could give countless examples of this one, mostly centered around Illista (TPG), Garland (FHYA), or Grita (VoA)
And over and above all of this, the Khaavren stories are all being filtered through the brain of Paarfi, who himself has been shown to be quite unreliable for all of these reasons (and many more).