What Line of Dragon is Kragar?

Fri Dec 23 10:31:38 PST 2005

> So maybe Kragar is full Dragon, but so dangerous to a primarily 
> house like the Dragons (given that he's good enough at getting things 
> to be promoted, but absolutely horrible at being in charge), that 
he'd get
> kicked out?
> Not to be contrary, but I doubt that Kragar's reason for being kicked 
>of the house has to do with his ability to command.  Why wouldn't they 
>demote him?  I would guess that he committed a crime or deed outside of
>battle (read assassination or some other improper Dragon act) that got 
>booted from the house.

I just recently re-read the Vlad books, and I kept trying to find out what Line Kragar came from.  Does anybody know?
  My thoughts are that he was e'Kieron because of Aliera's knowledge and dislike of him.  

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