What Line of Dragon is Kragar?

Fri Dec 23 10:51:00 PST 2005

Scott Kreitzer wrote:

>I just recently re-read the Vlad books, and I kept trying to find out what Line Kragar came from.  Does anybody know?
>  My thoughts are that he was e'Kieron because of Aliera's knowledge and dislike of him.  
There's a line in one of the Paarfi books about how almost the entire 
Kieron line was wiped out in the Disaster. so this seems unlikely. (It 
would probably have made him Dragon Heir, in fact, in which case he 
probably wouldn't be where he is now.)

I somehow doubt it's one of the "old" lines (e'Marish'Chala, e'Drien, 
e'Kieron). It's likely to be one of the more recent... e'Tenith, 
e'Terics, e'Mondaar, e'Baritt. (Something makes me doubt it's e'Baritt. 
What was it? Oh yeah, the book /Dragon/.)

Of course, maybe he's an e'Lynsi'Kom?

Ajon e'Lynsi'Kom, aka