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Sun Dec 25 14:20:16 PST 2005

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From: "Mark A. Mandel" <thnidu at yahoo.com>
> Nice! I will add it to the list of sites on Cracks & Shards, with an
> appropriate note about its purpose.

Many thanks. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see.

> >>>>>
> "A Note on Color:
> I would. I would like to SEE the site. Imagine some of your would-be
> readers as having eyes no longer young and screens not as large as they
> would wish. Then remember that it is not just your (or my) imagination.

Well, that about tears it, I guess; I guess I'll have to make an appearance change. 

I do like the black background better, so maybe just an overall increase in font size throughout would do?

Luckily, I had the foresight to do the coloration an font styling through external CSS so I should be able to remedy this complaint relatively quickly.

> May I offer a suggestion? Black on silver (light-grey) would preserve the
> colors and be much easier to read, as can be seen in the parts of the page
> guide/header that are at full brightness (behind "Course Catalog", in my
> view). True, it reverses the BALANCE of the colors from what we see in
> Dragonlords' dress, but the identity of the House is still unmistakeable.

I actually did a mockup of the site in this color format initially, to see if it would work better, but didn't care for it .

Additionally, in the case of Dragons, I believe the balance IS an important consideration. Also, in traditional heraldry, metallic colors (Argent and Or) are more often used as background for the other colors, rather than the reverse, so  there's a fair amount of tradition involved here. 

Of course,  traditional heraldry never had to deal with making it look good in a browser window, either...
But hey, if the size change doesn't do the trick, I've got the color shift as a fallback strategy. How's that for good tactics? ;-)