The Magic Box

Tue Jan 3 21:13:34 PST 2006

Philip Hart wrote:

>>Well, I suppose the other alternative is that Vlad (and Paarfi both) has
>>been to OUR world. (Or maybe they both met on some other neutral plane
>>of existance somewhere?)
>>Or else the "meeting" was far more metaphorical than Vlad seems to let on.
>No, none of the above follows.
>A simple scenario: Dragaeran X creates a box that communicates with SKZB.
>X teaches him the language via the box.  X gives the box to Vlad.  Vlad
>has never met SKZB.  Vlad gives the box to Sethra, leading to the
>SKZB-Paarfi interview.  Paarfi has met the person who gives him the
>box, but has never physically met SKZB.
Ah. I see, you're contending that the "old fool" who gave Vlad money to 
talk into the box was not actually Brust himself, but rather, it was an 


However, this begs the obvious question; who could serve in such a 
capacity? And how did Brust get into contact with HIM? (Or his 
intermediary, or however many levels of intermediate negotiators you'd 
like to add.)

Furthermore, this scenario does NOT address the Paarfi interview; which 
was clearly carried out between Brust and Paarfi directly, although I 
grant it is certainly less clear in this case whether the two are 
face-to-face, or communicating through some other means.