The Magic Box

Wed Jan 4 00:02:02 PST 2006

On Tue, 3 Jan 2006, Jon Lincicum wrote:

> Philip Hart wrote:
> >A simple scenario: Dragaeran X creates a box that communicates with SKZB.
> >X teaches him the language via the box.  X gives the box to Vlad.  Vlad
> >has never met SKZB.  Vlad gives the box to Sethra, leading to the
> >SKZB-Paarfi interview.  Paarfi has met the person who gives him the
> >box, but has never physically met SKZB.
> >
> >
> Ah. I see, you're contending that the "old fool" who gave Vlad money to
> talk into the box was not actually Brust himself, but rather, it was an
> intermediary?

I'm pointing out one of various simple scenarios consistent with SKZB
being bound to here/now.  Incidentally, it is not necessary that X be
an intermediary.

> Possible.

I.e., your earlier assertion was entirely wrong.

> However, this begs the obvious question

No, it doesn't.  Perhaps Mark will explain.

> who could serve in such a capacity? And how did Brust get into contact
> with HIM? (Or his intermediary, or however many levels of intermediate
> negotiators you'd like to add.)

You've just discovered that we don't know all the details of how the
Texts got transmitted, in case they did.

> Furthermore, this scenario does NOT address the Paarfi interview

That's incorrect.