(Orca spoiler)

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Jan 5 11:32:25 PST 2006

> >>Now, Kiera's interest in Vlad is interesting, but I don't think we
> >>have any evidence of a reason for it at all, just some suppositions
> >>based on other things we have learned about Vlad.  
> >>
> >
> >She did lend Vlad something once that seems to be beyond the interests
> >of a normal thief.  
> At the explicit request of Verra, who, herself, didn't know why it was 
> important that he have it.
> Which itself is interesting, in regards to a question I posed earlier, 
> as it seems to indicate that the Dragaeran gods *do* indeed have some 
> precognative abilities, but also implies that they are not always 
> conciously aware of what they mean.

She's not dumb.   Minimally, she just found out that Vlad is 
"interesting".   She's also someone who prepares for eventualities - 
Kiera is very thorough with her thieving plans, for instance.  

It is interesting to note Vlad's observations about how Sethra was 
angered by some of his statements - what he observed then might be 
considerably different from what he would have observed with hindsight 
from book 17 or 18.