(Orca spoiler)

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Re: (Orca spoiler)

>> Which itself is interesting, in regards to a question I posed earlier, 
>> as it seems to indicate that the Dragaeran gods *do* indeed have some 
>> precognative abilities, but also implies that they are not always 
>> conciously aware of what they mean.
>She's not dumb.   Minimally, she just found out that Vlad is 
>"interesting".   She's also someone who prepares for eventualities - 
>Kiera is very thorough with her thieving plans, for instance. 

I'm not sure I buy the idea that Verra could have just randomly guessed 
that her blood would be somehow useful to Vlad (or rather, to Morrolan). 

That seems like an incredibly lucky guess; unless Verra is in the habit of 
giving out her blood to all her new clients, since it has 1001 uses or 
something. (Four out of five assassins prefer Verra blood for all their 
everyday sorcery needs!)

Sure seems like some kind of limited precognition is a more likely 
circumstance in this case.

>It is interesting to note Vlad's observations about how Sethra was 
>angered by some of his statements - what he observed then might be 
>considerably different from what he would have observed with hindsight 
>from book 17 or 18.

I recently re-read the entire Vlad series and took special note of the 
encounters with Kiera, even the ones as early as /Jhereg/ and /Yendi/ are 
full of double-meanings after having read /Orca/. It's a real treat.