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Thu Jan 5 13:21:34 PST 2006

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> >
> >She did lend Vlad something once that seems to be beyond the interests
> >of a normal thief.

Or even an extraordinary thief.

> At the explicit request of Verra, who, herself, didn't know why it was
> important that he have it.
> Which itself is interesting, in regards to a question I posed earlier, as
> it seems to indicate that the Dragaeran gods *do* indeed have some
> precognative abilities, but also implies that they are not always
> conciously aware of what they mean.

I've speculated that Devera was the one who told Verra that she needed
to give a small vial of her blood to Sethra, and then told Sethra to
give it to Vlad.

("But *why*, child?")
("Because he needs to have it now.")

After all, Devera was there right after Vlad retrieved it, and was
quite possibly watching from hiding when he gave it to Morrolan to
inject (or rather, she was probably watching while hiding the whole
time they were on the beach, and only came out to make sure that Vlad
woke up properly from his post-spell lassitude).