(Orca spoiler)

Thu Jan 5 20:21:34 PST 2006

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>On 1/5/06, Jon_Lincicum at stream.com <Jon_Lincicum at stream.com> wrote:
>>At the explicit request of Verra, who, herself, didn't know why it was
>>important that he have it.
>I've speculated that Devera was the one who told Verra that she needed
>to give a small vial of her blood to Sethra, and then told Sethra to
>give it to Vlad.
>("But *why*, child?")
>("Because he needs to have it now.")
>After all, Devera was there right after Vlad retrieved it, and was
>quite possibly watching from hiding when he gave it to Morrolan to
>inject (or rather, she was probably watching while hiding the whole
>time they were on the beach, and only came out to make sure that Vlad
>woke up properly from his post-spell lassitude).
Well... but this simply makes Devera the *mechanism* for Verra's 

Devera could just as easily have said to Verra 1000 years before the 

("Watch out for my Uncle Vlad, cause in about 1500 years he's going to 
re-create Godslayer.")

...and she therefore decides to keep a close eye on the Taltos family, 
in general, and Vlad in particular when his time comes along. (And maybe 
also arranges for Pathfinder (in the guise of a weak morganti sword 
being carried by Fenarr) to be given to Aliera's father,  and also 
arranges for Vlad to be given the soul of Dolivar (Aliera's brother from 
a former life) as  mechanisms to attempt to control  what Vlad is going 
to *do* with Godslayer, which, needless to say, makes her a bit nervous. 
In fact, depending on how much advance warning Verra had, Vlad and 
Godslayer may have been the reason why Verra took such an interest in 
Fanerio to begin with. Hmph. Interesting how that all sort of clicks