Not a witch?

Wed Jan 11 18:20:53 PST 2006

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>Hmph.  Your argument appears to hinge on Vlad meaning by "all" *every*
>other type of magic that there is, rather than "all of the standard
>Dragaeran branches of magic".
It wasn't really an argument, just trying to stay open to different 

Vlad certainly uses the term loosely enough to make it a conversation, 
either way, though I'd say the preponderance of evidence does seem to 
point to witchcraft not being critical to the study of wizardry. It says 
nothing, however, about the art of Psychics themselves, which are at 
least related to witchcraft, and without the stigma of being "Eastern" 
(See Daymar).

>The context in which he is saying it most certainly does not support
>your interpretation.  He's thinking about Elder Sorcery, and how very
>little he really knows about it despite having done something really
>big and really incredibly stupid once, and the bit about wizardry is
>something he tosses off as a brief, and slightly snarky, aside.
No real argument, here. The context makes this interpretation very 
shaky, there's no denying it.

>I nearly think that that is most certainly entirely the case.
Vlad? Being glib? Next thing you'll tell me he's being sarcastic.(Which 
couldn't *ever* happen, of course.)


Comic Book Guy: Ooo, a *sarcasm* detector! That's a *real* useful invention!