Not a witch?

Wed Jan 11 21:01:33 PST 2006

Jon Lincicum wrote:

> Davdi Silverrock wrote:
>> Hmph.  Your argument appears to hinge on Vlad meaning by "all" *every*
>> other type of magic that there is, rather than "all of the standard
>> Dragaeran branches of magic".
> It wasn't really an argument, just trying to stay open to different 
> possibilities.
> Vlad certainly uses the term loosely enough to make it a conversation, 
> either way, though I'd say the preponderance of evidence does seem to 
> point to witchcraft not being critical to the study of wizardry. It 
> says nothing, however, about the art of Psychics themselves, which are 
> at least related to witchcraft, and without the stigma of being 
> "Eastern" (See Daymar).

But recall the mild contempt Aliera has for Daymar: "Hello, Daymar. 
Mind-probed any teckla, lately?" "No," he answered with a straight face, 
"did you have one that you wanted mind-probed?" "Not at the moment," she 
said. "Ask me again next Cycle." "I'll be sure to."

It's possible that Daymar's brand of psychics is viewed as not much 
higher than witchcraft.


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