Not a witch?

Wed Jan 11 21:16:12 PST 2006

Jose Marquez wrote:

> But recall the mild contempt Aliera has for Daymar: "Hello, Daymar. 
> Mind-probed any teckla, lately?" "No," he answered with a straight 
> face, "did you have one that you wanted mind-probed?" "Not at the 
> moment," she said. "Ask me again next Cycle." "I'll be sure to."
> It's possible that Daymar's brand of psychics is viewed as not much 
> higher than witchcraft.

Yes, but Aliera has at least mild contempt for almost everyone.

Even Vlad, when she first met him in /Taltos/.

And certainly for Sethra throughout FHYA.

And this exchange is even typical for her and Morrolan, who we know she 
has no *real* contempt for.

Aliera tends to mask her real feelings behind a facade of snippiness. I 
think it's a defense mechanism.