the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout Kragar?)

Tue Jan 17 17:54:03 PST 2006

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>Not necessarily.  In my scenario, an influx of Magyar from earlier in
>our history (say, around 1000AD our time) to Dragaera at some point in
>Dragaera's "recent" past (sometime in the 17th Cycle, maybe a few
>hundred years before Tortaalik's reign began) could result in the
>Fenarian civilization we see in /Brokedown Palace/ and Vlad's time. 
>Or something like that.
>Time travel weirds history.

Is it a given that time travel is in any way involved?

>>Is it part of your theory that Terran colonization of Dragaera is ongoing?
>No, not colonization.  Maybe that first human population, before the
>Empire, but I'm talking about influxes of people with minimal
>civilization into already settled lands, thus disrupting them, and
>preventing the rising of an Easterner civilization with a higher tech
>level than the Dragaeran Empire.
Would a higher tech level really cause the Empire any problem?

Would anthrax, atomic weapons, Sarin gas, Tanks, high explosives, 
particle weapons, etc be very effective against a little Elder Sorcery?

Could it be that Dragaera is actually just a planet that is colonized 
well into our own future, where massive starships armed with 
directed-energy weapons delivered millions of Terran colonists (armed 
with tons of high-tech gear) a million years before Vlad's time, where 
they lived quite happily--excepting only minor run-ins with a few 
Serioli--until one day the Jenoine show up, start monkeying around with 
our genes, then, shortly after, the gods create a sea of amorphia, 
making all our splendid technology aboslutely obsolete?

What would this mean to a technological civilization? To be countered 
with a threat that was completely outside of all known science?

How would Sethra Lavode counter, say, the threat of a thousand 
nuclear-tipped ICBMs? Would she wave Iceflame a couple of times, turn 
them all into dzur droppings, and fling them back at whomever launched them?

Sorry, no real answers in this post. Just lots of questions.