High Tech vs. the Orb

Joy Jennifer Nicholson jjnichol at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 26 07:17:57 PST 2006

> Things like radio are certainly worth mentioning--however, in most 
> instances, I'd say that psionic communication beats it hands-down. Radio 
> is not so much an "advantage" as it is a way for the Easterners to "keep 
> up" with the Dragaerans. Still important, just not decisive.

Radio has some real advantages over sorcery.  Radio allows for
conversation between an entire group of people at once, instead of
one-to-one at a time.  Radio also doesn't require that you know the
person that you're talking to.  Using a radio doesn't require that you
stop everything else you're doing and concentrate on the conversation
(how much psionic conversation requires this may depend on the skill
of the user).