the honing of Vlad

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Re: the honing of Vlad

>Well, let's assume that Morrolan is needed - to prepare Vlad for 
>whatever.   Paarfi would certainly want to push Morrolan's role and 
>discount Vlad's role in his own mind - and in his writings.

That brings to mind a question I've had since reading /Issola/... How will 
Dragaerans in general react to the fact that an *Easterner* holds a *Great 

Isn't that kind of the equivilent of a toddler walking around armed with 
an Atomic Bomb?

Certainly there will be fear of the weapon itself--but I'd imagine that 
quite a number of Dragaerans will react to it by saying "He really 
shouldn't have that, it's too dangerous for him, we'd better take it away 
from him."

Of course, that's kind of like the mice voting to bell the cat.