Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

Sun Feb 5 20:25:40 PST 2006

This brings up the point of Vlads baronetcy. Did it exist before Vlad's 
father bought it? According to the conversation with Paresh in /Teckla/, 
Vlad says it's a "real place with 2 or 3 families living there." 
"Taltos" sure seems like an unusual name for a Dragaeran to give to a 
region, which makes me suspect that the region was named after Vlad (or 
rather, after his father) rather than vice versa.

Vlad isn't the Baronet of Taltos; he's the  Baronet Taltos.  'Taltos' is not a place, it's a personal name;  the current Baronet of Redgrave is Sir Nicholas Hickman Ponsonby Bacon  -- who would be referred to in Dragaera as Baronet Bacon, not as  Baronet Redgrave.  Vlad, since he has an -actual- location --  which actually gets identified at some point -- is 'Baronet of X', and  is addressed as 'Baronet Lastname'.  For what it's worth, Sir  Nicholas is addressed as 'Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bnt' -- a letter with  which form of address I believe Vlad receives at the beginning of  Dragon....
  S. Thomas Crain
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