Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

Joy Jennifer Nicholson jjnichol at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 15 08:42:45 PST 2006

> Well, I would assume the undead vampiress would not be able to have a child
> with a living man at least because A) she would need a period which require=
> s
> processes undead may not have and B) the massive 'Ew' factor involved.
> Necrophilia is not for everyone.
> This raises a nice question:
> Does Sethra PMS?

Dragaerans can prevent pregnancy using sorcery, so many of them may
not menstruate at all, except when they choose to.  One imagines that
Sethra, with her command of sorcery, could find a way to become

She's got one disguise we know about, who's to say that she didn't
once have another as an Easterner?  (not that I consider this the
least bit likely...)