Brust E-Books

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Mon Feb 27 08:00:41 PST 2006

Scott Raun wrote:

>Half the book 2.5 months before the dead tree edition hits the street,
>three-quarters 1.5 months before, the whole book .5 month before.
>That enough incentive?

That makes me feel better about waiting for the dead tree version.   The 
only figure that really matters is the .5 month figure.   I'm not about 
to read a half book, wait a month, read a quarter of the book then wait 
a half month.

>Oh - you've got a choice of five different formats, all of them
>unencrypted.  HTML, RTF, Mobipocket, Rocket, and MS Reader.
All equally hard on my eyes.