A new entry for the Jokes and Allusions page

Mon Feb 27 09:19:19 PST 2006

My sleep schedule has been knocked all askew thanks to my wife's recent
surgery. I'd finished _Five Hundred Years After_ recently and since it sits
on the table nearby, I have a tendency to pick it up and open it up to
passages that interested me and re-read them again when I've been awakened
for one thing or another and not quite sleepy again.

Last night, I revisited Khaavren's first meeting with Daro, and that was
where I discovered this:

_Five Hundred Years After_, pg 252.

[Regarding the layout of the Consort's chambers]
"This balcony, for so we will call it, was entirely secluded from the rest
of the Palace, and could not be reached except through the Consort's own
bedchamber, which was always watched by a pair of guards (not to mention the
other three pair who guarded the different entrances to the Consort's
suite.) All of this, in addition to providing an excellent setting for
Luin's farcical murder drama, _Who Dropped Her First_, had the result, if
the Consort wished for her privacy,..."

All it took was the stray thought "The doors to the suite must be layed out
in a diamond pattern." to suddenly realize just what Luin's "farcical murder
drama" must have been like. *heh*