Steve Brust Guest of Honor at AggieCon 37, TX March 24-26, 2006

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Tue Mar 21 19:05:18 PST 2006

Thanks to Davdi Silverrock for posting a link to Steven Brust schedule 
http://www.angelfire.com/fang/dreamcafe_chica and Steve for posting about it on his 
livejournal thing.  Shiny.

Aggiecon 37 
23-26 March 2006 - College Station, TX.
Writer Guest of Honor: Steven Brust.

>From http://skzbrust.livejournal.com  dated entry 14 Mar 2006

I am going to be at Aggiecon in College Station, Texas,
the weekend of March 24-26. I'm quite looking forward to it; 
I generally enjoy conventions built around University SF clubs. "


I tried entering on http://dragaera.info/events/ and got a blank page.   I do 
not think it worked.